Ruboto Core Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

RubyConf 2010 - Ruboto: Ruby in your Pocket by: Daniel Jackoway

Android is getting huge fast. Learn about Ruboto, a project to bring Ruby to Android. See a demo of the IRB app, then delve into ruboto-core, a platform for ...

Intro to Ruboto Ruby On Android

iOS Programming Video Tutorials (RubyMotion - 1)

iOS Programming Video Tutorials (RubyMotion - UIApplicationDelegate) Learn how to build 100% native apps for your iOS devices using Ruby programming ...

What's New with JRuby from Core Commiter Nick Sieger

Nick Sieger, JRuby core committer and creator of JRuby-Rack will present about what has been going on in JRuby Land since last year. Some of the topics Nick ...

JRuby 9000 Project Update - RubyKaigi 2014

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